Angelika Schubert

Austrian artist Angelika Schubert now calls West Hollywood home. California that is! Bohemian, yet infused with a rich and diverse culture, it is a favorite haunt for creative types and intellectuals.

Originally from Vienna, one of the leading historical artistic centers of the world, Angelika Schubert graduated from the prestigious Viennese Art& Design Institute "Hetzendorf" and immersed herself in the fashion world, going on to become one of Austria’s first supermodels.

Inevitably perhaps, the ambitious and beautiful young woman moved to Los Angeles and founded the renowned Celestine Agency, representing top stylists, hair &make-up artists. “I was very lucky that the right ideas came at the right time to me. And then, it was a lot of hard work and an iron will to succeed.” However she says, “painting was always in my heart, it was only a matter of time and moving to NY is what sparked my first foray into painting.”

One rainy Sunday in New York in 1990, her heart "spoke loudly" to her. “I knew I needed to paint. I went out, bought canvas and strong colors like red, pink, yellow, and started. I was like in a feverish frenzy, I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to show my view of the world from above, expressing my feelings when I look down on a landscape.”

Schubert's inspiration she says comes from acute observations: the birds-eye-view of the world from planes or from the mountaintops of her native Austria. Her work reflects the colors and shapes of landscapes that have personally affected her emotionally.

She describes her work process: “I work with oil and acrylics, let them mingle and explode. Then I carve into the paint, with my fingers, knives, forks, toothpicks, even plant stalks. I get so immersed in the handiwork of the paintings that I forget time and space. I have to work on the floor in a very uncomfortable position because my visions are coming from the view from above.”

Lately, Schubert has drawn some of her inspiration from the French photographer and environmentalist, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. “I relate to the point of view that nature is everywhere and beautiful in all its manifestations.” Schubert’s imagination sparks oeuvres that have a distinct sense of space, distance and organic texture. What she shares with Arthus-Bertrand is the spiritual idea of nature as sublime and infinite- which she captures in her own art.

Her best work? Schubert points to her impressive and powerful 5x6 feet canvases. She is working currently on a series of earth tones expressions that clearly highlight the sophisticatedly primal yet timeless elements that mark her signature style. In her words, “The new paintings remind me of eruptive lava – dangerous, beautiful and very passionate.”

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